The Fun Is Over

I can’t believe that my vacation is basically over and I’m gearing up for a new work week. Why does vacation week go by so darn fast?!?!

I went to the gym earlier this morning for weights and a little cardio and I was craving a good egg salad so I made one when I got home with yogurt in place of mayonnaise.

My workouts this weekend are really just a warm-up for prep mode to start on Monday. That’s’ right…prep mode. I know I said I was not going to do a show this year and that’s probably correct but I’m looking for some structure and in August I’m hoping to do a photo shoot and that  is a good reason to get strict too.

Greg and I finally tried to propel water that was sent to me when I won a FitFluential chat last month. The first thing Greg said when he opened the box was how amazing the grape smelled so we tried that today and it did not disappoint.

We got all my laundry done today and some cleaning, plus I found the brush I lost so I would say that today was productive.

I’m starting to get sleepy now so I just need to talk Greg into turning the TV off and going to sleep. Wish me luck!


  1. I’m so glad u posted the video of u making this healthier version of egg salad! I absolutely love egg salad but with the mayo
    In it it is super fattening and I’m trying to loose weight not pack more on . Can’t wait to go to the store now and get the stuff to make this. And I hope I can find that brand of flat bread too! Where do u get it at?

    • I’ve been using yogurt as a substitute for year and I love it. I even use it in tuna.

      The wraps I got at aldi’s if you have one in your area you should check it out.

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