Day At Gettysburg

Most of this week was spent around the house and just enjoying the nice weather and my family, it’s the best way to spend free time in my opinion.

We have talked about taking a day to visit Gettysburg and Tuesday seemed like it would be a perfect day on Tuesday for a nice drive and walking around the battle grounds. It’s an eerieĀ  feeling that washed over you as you look out in the fields and imagine what the men were going through and thinking as the fighting was happening. No matter what side you are on you have to admit that all these men fought for what they believed in and were willing to put everything on the line for their beliefs.

You learn about history in school but it’s nothing compared to seeing it to have a greater respect for what they were really fighting for.

I hope that we can plan a trip to DC soon because Greg has never been to Ford’s Theater and I think he would really enjoy that also.

When is the last time you got up close and personal with a part of history?


  1. Marianne says:

    What a great way to spend the day at Gettysburg. Here in Central Florida we do not have anything like that – just expensive Disney World!!

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