Stuffing VS Dressing

NewImage38 Stuffing VS Dressing

It’s Sunday night so I will keep this post as short and sweet as possible so you can get on with your evening. On Friday we had a work Thanksgiving party and I simply asked for stuffing and was corrected by someone saying “you mean dressing” it has sparked the below YouTube video and this blog post so I’m just wondering what you call it and do you get offended if someone calls it the opposite of what you do? I don’t care what anyone calls it as long as I get my share and can put gravy on it. I’m easy to please that way. icon wink Stuffing VS Dressing

I’m going to keep things short and simple this week because I know that most people will be busy with friends and family. My husband will be celebrating his birthday on Thursday so my attention will be on him and his day. Let me know what plans you have and if you are planning on running a turkey trot. I will be at the gym in the morning but no race for me this year.

Facebook Groups App Review

This week a new Facebook app hit the Apple Store called and it’s all about the Facebook groups. I was actually looking for something to better manage my groups and it’s finally here and I could not be happier. The app was not easy to find on the first day but it’s much easier now.

NewImage35 Facebook Groups App Review

It’s a very clean interface and from what I can tell it will do everything that the regular Facebook app can do but it’s much more organized.

NewImage36 Facebook Groups App Review

I check the app today and it’s features in the App store so it’s easy enough to find.

NewImage37 Facebook Groups App Review

Check out my video for some additional information and how the app can be used and customized. Let me know if you’ve downloaded the app and let me know your thoughts.

A Tough Week Back at the Office

What’s up y’all?!?! I thought this week was going to be an easy one coming back from vacation but boy was I wrong! It’s probably been one of the most stressful weeks I’ve had on over a year. I was excited to put my new cooler to use and I’ve been doing my meal prep all week like a good girl should.

NewImage28 A Tough Week Back at the Office

I was going through my boot collection and I came across two of my favorite “odd” boots. Do you have a pair of odd boots that you just love and can’t get rid of?

NewImage29 A Tough Week Back at the Office

The weather in Maryland this week has been kinda insane but typical Maryland weather. We have had rain, ice, snow flurries and sunshine.

NewImage30 A Tough Week Back at the Office

This morning I stepped in the office in a good mood and that quickly changed to a GREAT mood once I realized that computer systems were down so I could catch up on some blogs and all that social media stuff. The computer outage only lasted for about an hour but it was wonderful while it lasted.

NewImage31 A Tough Week Back at the Office

I was feeling all positive earlier so I posted this on Instagram and it is true. Do the work or don’t complain about things not changing…yeah, it’s that simple.

NewImage32 A Tough Week Back at the Office

When I got home tonight Greg had fish and rice made for dinner and I really wanted Greg to try the Mirassou Moscato and he really likes it (I knew he would).  After the wine I decided to have a little S’more’s Vodka from Three Olives and Greg had some of the Tim Smith’s Moonshine. I did not have much because I have a date with cardio in the morning but it was nice to relax after a long week.

NewImage33 A Tough Week Back at the Office

11 Questions to Ask Your Prospective Fitness Trainer

NewImage27 11 Questions to Ask Your Prospective Fitness Trainer

Picking a personal trainer is not an easy task and one of the most important things to remember when choosing a trainer is that you want someone that you can trust. It’s a waste of money to pay for a trainer that you second guess and don’t listen to and this is something I see happen a lot. I’ve complied a list of things to consider and even ask your prospective personal trainer.

Things to ask your potential trainer:

How do you stay in shape?

What’s your fitness philosophy? 

Are you CPR and AED certified? 

How long do your clients typically train with you? 

What is your background in personal training/fitness?

What do you do to continually stay current on fitness and training information? 

 What are your hobbies/interests? 

Can you provide me with references of satisfied clients?

What is your availability for training me?

What is your payment plan and cancellation policy?

How many days per week do I need to work out to reach my goals?

I can’t give you the right answer that you should be looking for because this will depend on your own goals and how you will personally connect with the answers given. Do your research. These are some pretty simple questions to ask to determine if you both have the same type of values when it comes to you personal goals. For example if the trainer is stickily an 8 week program type trainer and you are looking for someone longer term than 8 week this trainer may not be the one for you. If you want to be a natural competitor and your trainer believes in fat burners this may not be the right fit for you. I always say that you need to be able to trust your trainer with you life because that ultimately what you are doing. It took me several years to find the right fit for me and I’ve learned a lot about myself and my needs along the way. What I needed in 2009 is different from what I need now. You learn and you grow.