What Would You Add To Your Home Gym

What Would You Add To Your Home Gym

Our realtor has us on the fast track and the old owners are motivated to get the property out of their name so Greg and I have started packing and going through our things and 15 years of accumulating items is a bit overwhelming. We still have old phones and pagers in a box and he’s finally motivated enough to see if anyone would like to buy them and be nostalgic. We even have my old startec phone from the late 90s and that phone made you feel IMPORTANT back on those days (and like you were ballin’).

Anyhoo, we have a few boxes from the liquor store and my co-worker is going to see if she can get us any more boxes that we can use. I’m starting to pack up the excess stuff that I don’t’ really need so once we get the keys I can start moving things in while Greg and I are fixing up the house.  I’ve got three more days of work and I’m going to be on vacation for a week and after that my next vacation will be in May so we will be going non-stop until my next vacation and by that time I really will need some relaxation.

All this talk about packing and I almost forgot about what I really wanted to ask you (I get sidetracked easily). I want to know what you would include in your home gym if money was not an issue.

We Have Major News!!!

we have major news

I will keep this short and simple and let the video do what it does best but if you read my last post you know that Greg and I made an offer on the house so I’m sure you can guess where this post is taking us. They accepted our offer on the house and we will be moving!!! I’m going to be really busy over the next few weeks but I will still be doing daily vlogging and I will get on here as much as possible. Lot’s of good things happening this year!

Weekly Win(e)d-Up

We are in full house shopping mode and I’m feeling kind of numb. Over the last year we have be obsessed with finding the right house for us. This past week has been pretty insane and crazy and I’m scared but excited about the possibility of moving to a different house and county altogether.

The house that we are looking at is actually a small house but a lot bigger than what we live in now. We live in a house that’s just under 1,000ft and this house is around 2,200ft with a large attic and a basement. It’s a 3 bedroom house so I can still have my walk-in closet, a bedroom for my grandson, a office, dining room and in the basement we can have a laundry room and gym so I’m very excited about this house and now I just hope they will accept our offer.

Here area few pictures from when we looked at the house last weekend. Here is a view of the side of the house so you can see there is a garage/basement with the main floor above that and a decent sized attic. Greg love the brick on this house so I think he was sold on it before we even walked inside.

brick house

The kitchen needs some major updates but we are trying to decide if we should keep the old youngstown cabinets or replace the whole kitchen with something more modern.

youngstown kitchen

I did a video of the first walk through of the house so I will post that below if you want to check it out.

I will also leave you with my Weekly Win(e)d-Up. It’s a new weekly series I decided to start on my main channel as a way to catchup with y’all at the end of the week and because I’m not a fan of coffee or tea I decided that wine was the proper choice. If you want to join me weekly with a blog or video update (and a little wine) leave me a comment on here or my channel so I can make sure I’m following you.

I’ve Been Busy with Daily Vlogging

My goal of daily vlogging has been successful so far but my blogging is falling by the wayside. I guess part of the reason for that is all the emotions I was going through last week and this week has honestly flown by. Yesterday I left work, came home for dinner and headed out for my salon appointment. Today I decided to leave work early so I could get my taxes done and when I got home from that I was just lazy…no real excuse other than that. I did manage to cook up some ground turkey for the next few days of meals and I have my mind in the right place for morning cardio so I would say today was a good day. Oh, did I mention that I’m actually getting money back from the state and federal government?! I have owed the state of Maryland for the last few years so this was a nice surprise.

The reason I owed Maryland the last few years is because I was claiming incorrectly so I made some adjustments and my paycheck is a little less every two weeks but at tax time I don’t owe a large sum so I consider that a huge win for me.

snickerdoodle almond butter

Ok, sorry about all the boring taxes talk…boo! I made a quick stop at the Vitamin Shoppe this week and look at this snickerdoodle almond butter I found. If it was not so expensive I would have tried it. Oh well, maybe another day.

I was going my meal prep the other day and I decided to use my old pickles jars that still have the juice in them and I added some cut up cucumbers. It’s not the most brilliant idea in the world but it really made me happy. I will leave the video below if you want to check it out.

I’m going to start taking my camera out more and getting lots of pictures this year and learning a bunch of new cool tricks I plan on sharing with y’all. Let me know what camera you use and how you have learned or are learning how to get the most out of what your camera has to offer you.

Anyways, it’s getting kinda late so I will end this here and I will follow up again soon. In the meantime check out my latest daily vlog.