Ending My Staycation with BBQ
Politics, Taylor Swift and Pokemon Go
My First Fishing Trip
My Experience With Arbonne

Ending My Staycation with BBQ

3 Hogs BBQ is the best around! That’s all I have to say about that. lol Check it out while I get ready to head back to work tomorrow.


Politics, Taylor Swift and Pokemon Go

Let’s have a chat about the important stuff like Politics, Taylor Swift and Pokemon Go because you know…wine (why) not. lol

After the last few weeks being so stressful I decided to have a few drinks and just have fun. It was my staycation and I do go back on Monday so I should enjoy it while I still can. Honestly there was not much to talk about but I did my best to incorporate all the gossip in the news without getting political. Let’s just agree that we have all had enough with political talk for the moment.

I don’t know what you guys have going on but this week was nice and calm and I’m not exactly looking forward to going back to work on Monday…someone help me with the lottery please!

I’m sure next week will be fine but for now I life my glass to you and we will connect again soon. Cheers!

My First Fishing Trip

I’ve kept things pretty low-key this week for my stay-cation so I could really just relax and enjoy my time away from the office and being home with Greg and Digger.

Greg made breakfast for me and let me sleep in so that was super sweet and helpful this week.

I’ve also been taking my workouts outdoors and to the local track and believe it or not, I’m kinda loving the whole running outside thing. It’s not as bad as I thought it would be and I do feel accomplished once I’m done. I need to get my speed up for the races I want to run later this year.

It’s pretty quiet at the track and the only think missing is the concrete stairs I have at the track where we moved from but all in all it’s a nice track.

I’m trying to get to the track when it’s not too late and the humidity is up super high. I just need to get my bootay out of the house early enough to beat the crazy heat.

On another note Greg took me fishing yesterday so that was pretty cool. I knew he wanted to take me to a place he went to as a kid called Pretty Boy and there were a few fish there but we didn’t catch anything and that’s ok.

The timing was not perfect for catching anything but the weather was nice so I got a chance to practice using the fishing rod and learning how to cast it out in the water.

We don’t have a lot of fishing items but we will be more prepared next time. This was just a way for us to “get our feet wet”.

I really just enjoy how peaceful it is and a can’t wait to head out to the mountains soon to see if the fish catching is any different out there.

Let me know how your week went.

My Experience With Arbonne

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to try some products from Argonne and let’s just start with the energy fizz sticks in citrus because they taste so good. The fizz is a little different from what I usually have but it was pretty good. It does not give me the shakes that some energy drinks or pre-workouts do and it did give me a burst of energy so I was surprised and happy about that. There was no bad aftertaste and the orange is a really good flavor.

I really wanted to test out the energy fizz and to my surprise a few extras were thrown in to try as well so let me tell you about the Arbonne Calm for my face.

My skin feels amazing and soft after using it and it does help remove my makeup but I also don’t wear a lot of makeup. I would say that just for the way it makes my skin feel it’s worth purchasing.

I tested out the Arbonne RE9 Advanced also and was gentle on my skin and not heavy and does not leave a greasy film like some others I’ve tried. This has helped with some of the darker spots that I have on my face (the joys of getting older) and it does make my face feel smoother. It’s a little bit on the pricy side but totally worth the cost in my opinion. It’s not always easy to find a product that makes your skin feel this amazing and this is one of those products for sure. I’m glad I got a chance to try them.

My rep is pretty amazing too so if you are interested or have any questions at all please reach out to Flora on her website and she will be happy to help you in any way that you need.