Animals and Apples

Greg and I went apple picking for the first time this year and the weather was nice enough that we were able to visit the petting zoo too. I love seeing the animals but they scare me sometimes as you will see in this video.

Stealing Apples

Bad Customer Service

It’s Wednesday and I’m off work, relaxing on the couch with Digger and listening to music while Greg gets on my nerves. lol

Over the weekend we went to the grocery store and I fell in love with these flowers even though we did have another bad customer experience at that store (I will leave my vlog down below if you want to hear more about that one).

rainbow flowers

I just feel like we really need a new vase for the house so I was doing some shopping on Amazon and found a few items to add to my wish list (hint, hint…I hope Greg is reading this).

I’ve got two more days before my official vacation starts and I really can’t wait because we are finally going to explore this new area we moved to and there is so much to do but we’ve been busy with fixing up the house and taking care of the yard that we have not had a real chance to get out and enjoy the beauty that this area has to offer. I’m waiting on my new iPhone to arrive in the next day or 2 so I should have more daily pictures and I’ve also been playing with my DSLR so look out 😉

All About Digger

All About Digger

The last week has been a little crazy and we have been worried sick over Digger but he seems to be past whatever bug was bothering him. We were at the vet and hospital every day over the last week but he seems to be back to his normal craziness.

This new work schedule is really difficult on me so I’m still adjusting and trying to find my daily groove again. I’m also learning new techniques and editing more video so I will have some good stuff coming to the main channel soon and will start uploading the videos here also. It’s Friday and the end of the month so this weekend will be a busy one as I get organized for August. Greg and I have already been talking about ways to get the new house ready for the winter (it will be here before we know it). Anyways, I just wanted to pop in and let you know that I am still here and will pop in a few recent daily vlogs to keep you updated with what’s happening with us right now.

Our quick update:

Digger comes home from the ER:

Digger likes liverwurst:

Sharing my meals with macro information:

We don’t have a Victoria Secret near us: