Would You Live Without Internet

It’s no secret that Greg and I have been looking for a small farm to live out the rest of our years but a real question came into play today when the harsh reality of no internet showed it’s ugly face.

We took a second look at the house that we are interested in and Verizon FIOS actually has fiberoptic set up on our property (with a sign) but when we call them they say they don’t service the area but they do service the government building right next to the house.

It looks like it will not be easy to get internet at the house so the reality of no internet has come up and I will not say that I’m happy about it I can say that I do see some positive and I will list those below:

NewImage Would You Live Without Internet

Quality Time with Hubby: I feel like I don’t always give enough attention to my husband because of the internet and everything I try to juggle so I feel like this could actually be a plus for my marriage.

NewImage1 Would You Live Without Internet

Enjoy Nature: If you are going to have a farm I think you should enjoy the process and not have your fingers stuck on a keyboard. What’s the point of having animals and several acres if you don’t use and appreciate them?!?!

NewImage2 Would You Live Without Internet

Take Time to Appreciate the Simple Things: Like I’ve already said, there is no point in having a farm if you don’t….farm. I spent some time today taking pictures and appreciating the simple things in life and it felt great. We are so busy with all these stupid gadgets that we sometimes forget about what’s beautiful and pure.

NewImage3 Would You Live Without Internet

There Will Be Plenty of Projects to Work On: If we get this property you will understand better but let me just say that this property needs A LOT of work done. I’m ready for it and actually really excited about the things that we are planning so we will keep our fingers crossed and see what happens.

Appreciation Week

This is is going to be a picture heavy post so I want to let you know in advance. This week was busy but honestly what week is not busy. Every year my company has what they call an appreciation week for us so I wanted to take you through our week at work (what I can share) and a week in what you missed in my life. Buckle up and let’s go for a ride down memory lane.

I got my flu shot this week and I can’t help but think of my mom who actually died from complications of the flu shot but that does not stop me from getting one because I believe that you die when you are suppose to and if you don’t take care of your body than you don’t have much to complain about and she was one who did not eat healthy and had many medical issues. Maybe I will talk about that another time. Anyways, my company gives us a flu shot and I try to take advantage so I don’t have to take a day off work to get this done.
 Appreciation Week
On monday they greeted us with mimosas and bagels to start the week off. It’s nice to be appreciated.

 Appreciation Week

Oh, and on a different note I saw who will be doing the opening of the new TV show ‘Better Call Saul’ and it’s Junior Brown and I could not thing of a better person to do the opening song because he is amazing! If you don’t know anything about him you should youtube some of his stuff because his is amazing!

1413146896 thumb Appreciation Week

I’ve been taking my vitamins all week and I’ve been doing what I need to do and the gallon jug has been gone each day so I figured this message was appropriate. What do you think?

 Appreciation Week

Throughout this week of appreciation we get a ton of goodies and this time they surprised us with some gourmet candy apples from Candies On Main and they had so many to choose from but I got the chocolate covered carmel with almonds because Greg has never had a candy apple and I wanted to share with him. We had it this weekend and it was pretty good so we may look at some more items from them in the future.

 Appreciation Week

Every year we get a special gift from the company and one year it was a rollaway suitcase that has come in handy a few times but I don’t travel a lot. We have also seen items like coolers, outdoor game seats, blankets and more but this year we got the best item ever (in my opinion) a black zip up hoodie! In case you don’t know..I love my hoodies so this is something I will use often.

 Appreciation Week

Oh, did I mention that when Greg goes grocery shopping he loves to take pictures if items I can’t have and send them to me?!?! He does it all the time!

 Appreciation Week

He said that he had the apple carmel cupcakes in his shopping cart and put it back at the last minute. I bet it would have been really good if he would have kept it.

 Appreciation Week

He did get chicken and let me ask you…have you even seen chicken this big before? How in the world did they keep this in the package?!?!

 Appreciation Week

Guess who added me as a friend on Instagram?!?! Only my favorite apple picking place ever!!!! I love Baughers in every way possible because they do more than just apple picking because they have picking all year long and the people are friendly and they also have the best restaurant ever.

 Appreciation Week

This week I saw that my competition trainer Jerry Ward had some of his breast cancer shirts for sale so I purchased one today and I can’t wait to rock it in the gym!

1413148354 thumb Appreciation Week

On Saturday I worked some overtime and I used a bathroom that I don’t normally use during the week and I found spray deodorant and I’m not sure how I feel about that.

 Appreciation Week

Going back to Friday I did an Appy Friday app review for FrontBack and it’s a social media site that allows you to take a picture from both the front and back camera almost at the same time and it’a available for both apple and android devices. If you want to check out the review I will leave a link to the video review below.

 Appreciation Week

Here is the video:

It Can’t Be

 It Can’t Be

This week is our appreciation week where we have karaoke set up and we get lots of food and surprises. Yesterday was Breakfast at Tiffany’s where they served breakfast and fake mimosas.

It’s only Tuesday and I could not take a full day of work today so I slipped out of work at noon and decided to clear my head and relax at home for the rest of the day. I’ve worked hard and I know I have a significant vacation scheduled in less than a month but I had to leave early…It was needed.

So, what’s a girl to do with a few extra hours in her day? Clean her closet and read some magazines so this is what is on my mind tonight.

Am I really the only person on earth that does not want to hear about George Clooney getting married?!?! If you ask me it’s all for his own political gains and I want no part of it. I use to like him back in the Facts of Life days and even when he was Oh Brother Where Art Thou but this is enough…I just can’t.

In other celebrity news I will have to give major props to Britney Spears for the way she is with her boys and for how she seems to be handling the breakup from her loser ex. This girl woman has come a long way in the last 15 years.

I’ve been reading a lot of reviews and opinions on Gone Girl and I think I will wait until the movie is available to view at home because from what I gather it seems like it would be a waste of money and time to go see it in the theater. Have you seen it? What are your thoughts?

I still have more magazines to read and a few other things to catch up on so I will check back in tomorrow. Have a good night and see ya on Hump Day!!!

Searching for the Perfect Farm

 Searching for the Perfect Farm

It’s been a year and we are still on the hunt for the perfect farm location. I always considered myself a “city girl” because I loved the excitement of busy streets and loved to people watch but time and age has changed me. There is a lot to be said about living a quite peaceful life and enjoying the outdoors and this is nothing new to me because I’ve always enjoyed the outdoor and a nice quite walk.

Greg and I have been on the hunt for awhile now and we had out eye on a 5 acre lot but that did not end up like we thought it would so our hunt continues. We have found a few properties that would be perfect but there is always something that is just night right with the ones we have found and most of the time it’s because it will take me over an hour to commute to work.

In the search for a perfect home we have considered a lot of things that we would want for a second home and here is our list:

Second home needs (age is a factor):
A one story home because getting up and down stairs becomes more difficult with age.

A quite place is important to us. The seclusion and privacy is important as we are growing older and can appreciate the simple things around us. Let’s call this disconnecting from the world around us to appreciate nature.

A large kitchen because we like to keep a stock of things we need and this will be important as we grow a garden and have lots of canned items.

A nice spot to watch the property and enjoy the views around us.

A place to hunt that is all our own.

A 2 bedroom house is fine for us so we can have an extra bedroom for visitors.

For a Farm:
A green lawn mower: AKA goats who will eat the excess grass and will keep things trim and neat.

A good spot for a garden to grow our own vegetables

A place for or a place to put a chicken house so we can get our own eggs.

A 4 wheeler to get around on all those acres and a good driving lawn mower for cutting the grass on those acres.

A mud room seems to be a must for farm land.

My husband says I need a place to clean and dress chickens but I think I will ignore that specific request.

A work space for Greg would be awesome and a garage to store things

We are pretty simple and anything that we do not have we can add to the property.