How To Get Rid of Toxic Friends

how to get rid of toxic friends How To Get Rid of Toxic Friends

Through the years I have come to realize that we grow out of some friendships and others were not really friends to begin with. I’ve always tried to stay connected with people and not make unnecessary waves but there are times when it’s actually necessary to keep yourself in a mentally healthy place.

I’ve had to distance myself from both friends and family. I’ve also had co-workers that I considered friends who have stabbed me in the back for their own personal gains and it hurts. I’m a lot more careful on who I let it and what information I share with “friends”. I hate to be that way but it seems to be working out ok for me.

How do you tell if you have a toxic friend:

*If they feel more like an enemy than a friend.

*You don’t feel comfortable around that person

*You can’t trust that person around your family or friends or you would never leave a house key with them.

*If they always act like the victim and never take responsibility for their own actions.

*You get an anxious feeling when you see a call or text from them. 

*After spending time with the person you feel down about yourself.

*You feel drained after speaking with them.

*If they are always negative or have no respect for others.

Once you’ve identified that you have a toxic friendship what should you do?

*Set boundaries and learn to say “no”.

*Talk about what is bothering you because the friend may not know there is a problem but prepare yourself that things may not change and move back to step one.

*Start spending you free time with different friends

*Start to see or talk to the friend less so you are putting distance between yourself and the toxic friend.

*If your friend is not taking the hint from all the above you should just disappear from their sight. Remove connection from all social media with that person and delete them from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or anything else you are on. Block calls and texts.

*It’s ok to tell the person that the friendship is not a healthy one for you and you need to back away.

I understand it’s not easy to give up a friendship (even ones that are unhealthy) but trust me when I tell you that you will feel better once you let it go. I’m sending you good luck, lots of hugs and healthy vibes. Do what will make you a better and stronger person.

Think Before You Speak

think before you speak Think Before You Speak

I’m sure I’ve mentioned my love of spoken word poetry on my blog before and as I was going through some YouTube videos I came across the following message from Erin Anastasia it’s an open letter to Meghan Trainor and it sparks some good points. I will let spoken word do what it does best and let it speak for itself. Once you watch the video I will let you know my thoughts and why it spoke to me so much.

Let’s face it, we talk a lot about how we need to be sensitive to the feelings of women who are overweight and name calling is not tolerated or shouldn’t be (we all know that one person…).

I’ve felt picked on because of my weight both when I was “skinny” or at a healthy weight with muscles or overweight. It seems like someone always has something negative to say. I try to let mean comments roll off my back and ignore them but it’s not always possible. Women can be so mean to each other and it’s just crazy to me. I actually gained weight to try to fit in with some of the girls I worked with (this was about 15 years ago) and the crazy thing is that it worked. I was treated like one of the “girls” and I even got a promotion for it. I can’t even begin to express how that messed my head up. As a “skinny” girl I’m constantly being watched to see what I’m eating and if I decide to have a cupcake or a slice of pizza at work I hear “oh, look at Dawn eating today” or another example was when I was heating up breakfast and someone said “I thought you didn’t heat up your food” I’m not even sure why someone would think that. I was also asked what type of protein I was having for lunch and when I said ground turkey they assumed it was raw….these are all real things that have been said to me. It’s just amazing to me when I think about how others perceive me. I have so many stories but I think you get the point of what I’m trying to say.

So tell me something crazy that you’ve heard someone say about your body and how did you react to them or the situation.

What are your thoughts on the video I shared?

The Divorce Papers Book Review

The Divorce Papers by Susan Rieger The Divorce Papers Book Review

It take a lot to catch my attention these days and books have taken the backseat and that’s sad considering how much I loved to read. I was always the kid who sat at the breakfast table reading the cereal boxes.

I use to belong to one of those old book clubs that would send out new boos each month it was similar to Columbia House records if you are even old enough to know what that was. I would always go with stories that sounded interesting and  the non-typical authors because I loved to explore different writing styles and story lines. I’ve never been much on the popular authors except Danielle Steel because it was my mothers favorite author and I have many fond memories of those books.

On to the book that was sent to me for review and it was The Divorce Papers. I decided to get this book because I figured it would be full of girl type drama and it was. I was surprised that book was written in letters and emails. This is not your typical book but as a social media girl I could appreciate the way it’s presented.  The story is presented in the form of emails, letters and court documents to get the point across. I’ve never actually gone through a divorce but I could really feel the emotions that the author was trying to paint for us. The court documents were a little stale and boring so I was skipping some of those pages when they would come up because after the court documents there would be an email or letter going into more detail in a easier and less stale manner.

I was pulled in after the first 10 pages and would actually stop reading to explain the story line and read a memo or email out load to my husband when I found something funny or entertaining. I would suggest this book and don’t get turned off by the 400+ pages because if the way it’s written it’s a very easy read and great for people like me who can lose interest easily. I will leave a link below if you would like to purchase the book from Amazon.

I was sent The Divorce Papers by Susan Rieger in exchange for my honest review. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions are my own, as always. I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review. 

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Let’s Catch Up

Where do I begin? There is not a whole lot to say but I do have some pictures that I want to share with y’all and tell you a little of what I’ve been up to so let’s catch up with each other. I figured that it’s not a big deal that I have not posted a lot lately because who really has time with all the holiday activities to read blogs. I have taken advantage of my non-blogging/vlogging time to learn how to use Final Cut Pro and I’m impressed with the program and can’t wait to learn more. I think I could really fall in love with the whole editing process. Practice makes perfect and that’s what I plan to do..practice A LOT!

So, last week we had a taco party at the office and I made myself a taco salad mix kinda thing and I swiped a Christmas tree brownie (I use to love those) because I have not had one is several years. I used those Tostitos dip bowl chips so that’s why it looks like there is so much in that container. It was really good. I was asked to bring in pinto beans but nobody touched them but it’s ok because I figured that would happen.

NewImage Lets Catch Up

One of my Facebook/YouTube friends made the mistake of complaining about people who do nothing but take selfies all day long so of course I had to flood his Facebook post with selfies because…why not?!?! The quality (or lack of) is from using my cell phone. I’m not sure why the front facing camera has to look like crap.

NewImage1 Lets Catch Up

I was coming up with more selfie ideas to annoy him with. lol

NewImage2 Lets Catch Up

Because chocking myself at my desk seemed like the appropriate thing to do.

NewImage3 Lets Catch Up

It’s not a selfie if you have product placement…right?!?

NewImage4 Lets Catch Up

TMI alert because I felt like everyone should know I was drinking my water and making multiple trips to the bathroom that day.

NewImage5 Lets Catch Up

Even in the midst of all my craziness I was able to check on my friends to see if they were getting in enough water. See, it’s not all about me.

NewImage6 Lets Catch Up

I think I should get a pat on the back for wrapping all Greg’s gifts this week. I still have gifts for our grandson to wrap and hopefully I will get that done this evening. I did have a few drinks while wrapping gifts but if you’ve ever wrapped gifts than you will understand and raise your glass with me.  icon wink Lets Catch Up

NewImage7 Lets Catch Up

This weekend we went out Saturday to give Digger some time alone to rest because he was not feeling good and he won’t relax while we are home because he feels the need to protect us from everyone and everything that goes by our house. We took a trip to a liquor store in Baltimore County that offers discounted liquor prices so we are planning on testing a few new wines. I will make sure I do reviews as we test out the new ones. I never let wine go to waste so if Greg dislikes it that just means I get a whole bottle to myself.

NewImage8 Lets Catch Up

As I was going through the pictures on my computer to share on this post I came across my little pigtail photo and I love my hair like this…does that made me odd?! lol

NewImage9 Lets Catch Up

Are you done wrapping gifts or do you wait until the last second?