Never Ending Wallpaper

never ending wallpaper

Digger and I are sitting home today relaxing and waiting for Greg to come back from fixing the house. His main project all week long has been to remove the wallpaper and by wallpaper I mean multiple layers of wallpaper. Before I went to meet Greg this morning to help with the house I decided to stop by LA fitness to cancel my gym membership. Let’s just say that didn’t go exactly as planned because you can only cancel your membership Monday through Friday from 10 AM to 5 PM. That means that I will need to take time off of work to cancel my gym membership. I have an never had so much trouble trying to cancel gym membership as I’m having with LA fitness. That was a good wasted part of my morning. But on a positive note I drove to the new house by myself this morning without navigation to assist me. I was pretty darn proud of myself.

I got to the house and help Greg prep the walls for removing wallpaper for a few hours and then he asked me to come home to take care of Digger. I ran into my next door neighbor and he found out that we’re moving and he made some smart comments about the garage that we have that his wife fought us in court over. It was silly really, she was afraid her grandkids would be upset if the car was too loud in the garage. I’m just glad we won’t be around that much longer. it’s time to start this new chapter in our life. Neighbors can be so petty it gets ridiculous.

I was thinking about the new house a lot yesterday and I’m trying to work on a cleaning routine and I’m having a hard time figuring out the best away to go about cleaning this new house. There are a lot more room that need attention but it may be a place for everything hey maybe we won’t feel so cluttered. We saw a lot of shopping to do and furniture that needs to be bought for the new place but I guess we just need to take one thing at a time. I think I’ll take the rest of the day and do some more packing and I’ll leave you with the video Greg removing the wallpaper and my most recent video I uploaded today. Check out the videos below and if you’re not following me on YouTube get your butt over there and subscribed to me. :)

and help me figure out a cleaning schedule please!

We Bought a House

It only took us a little over a year to find the perfect house for us and we finally have the keys!!! I’m so excited about this new chapter in our life and can’t wait to decorate our new space. We have some renovations to do before we can start moving our things in but moving day is getting closer.

I will have lots of things to share with you in the next month but right now we are busy trying to pack things up and fix this new house up so we can make this move. I do want to share the most important men in my life that made this all happen.


We took a picture with our realtor and the loan officer wanted to be with us for closing also and I thought that was really nice. I was freaking out a little bit that day but going into debt (even the good kind) is a very scary thing to do.

After we signed all the papers Greg and I went back to the house to take a selfie with his selfie stick (yeah, my man has one and I don’t…go figure).

We Bought a House

I will leave you with our daily vlog of the day we got our keys and I will be back with y’all as soon as I can.

Review: ActivMotion Bar

I had the great opportunity via Sweat Pink to test our and review the ActivMotion Bar and I’m completely sold on this product and I will let you know why this new exercise equipment will keep a place in my new gym. As most of you know, we are in the middle of a major life change and are in the process of packing 15 years worth of our life to move it to a new house in a very shirt time and it’s been a bit crazy here lately.

We are in Maryland and the weather is unpredictable and it’s either, cold and windy, raining, icy or snowing and the gym I belong to tends to close at the drop of a hat so I’ve been doing more workouts at home lately. It’s easier to get my workouts in at home now because we are trying to get ready for our move so the less I am away from the house the easier it is on my husband too.

I have some free weights that I use but they take up a lot of space so I put them away in a closet and they are not easy to find when I need them. I’m really loving the ActivMotion Bar because it can fit easily behind the door and it’s away in the corner and available when I need it. There are so many different workouts and exercises that I can use the bar for and it really engages my core. I’ve had some real problems trying to strengthen my core and since I’ve started using this bar I can tell a difference. The bar that was sent to me was an 8lb bar and it’s working fine but I think once we move and set up my new home gym I will add the other bars (they go all the way up to 18lbs).

I’ve been watching the videos that were provided for review and went to their websites for some ideas and below I will share some of my favorite moves.

Review: ActivMotion Bar

The one thing that makes this bar stand out from the rest is because there are active rolling balls in the bar that make you have to engage your core and is putting constant pressure on your muscles at all times.

dawn rambles

There are so many different ways to get that good workout in and you can work upper and lower body easily so it makes for a fantastic full body workout.


It hard enough to do the above exercise with a normal weight bar but I dare you to try it with the ActivMotion Bar.


Check out the video below so you can actually see the bar in action.

This is a paid review, but as always all thoughts are my own.

What Would You Add To Your Home Gym

What Would You Add To Your Home Gym

Our realtor has us on the fast track and the old owners are motivated to get the property out of their name so Greg and I have started packing and going through our things and 15 years of accumulating items is a bit overwhelming. We still have old phones and pagers in a box and he’s finally motivated enough to see if anyone would like to buy them and be nostalgic. We even have my old startec phone from the late 90s and that phone made you feel IMPORTANT back on those days (and like you were ballin’).

Anyhoo, we have a few boxes from the liquor store and my co-worker is going to see if she can get us any more boxes that we can use. I’m starting to pack up the excess stuff that I don’t’ really need so once we get the keys I can start moving things in while Greg and I are fixing up the house.  I’ve got three more days of work and I’m going to be on vacation for a week and after that my next vacation will be in May so we will be going non-stop until my next vacation and by that time I really will need some relaxation.

All this talk about packing and I almost forgot about what I really wanted to ask you (I get sidetracked easily). I want to know what you would include in your home gym if money was not an issue.